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Unlocking Prospecting Potential: Financial Advisor Benchmarking Statistics

See how you compare to your peers and competitors!

Learn how other Advisors are finding new leads and how they research prospects—good & bad—and see how you compare.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How likely it is that you are competing for “your” prospects and where the competition is coming from
  • How much constantly researching leads might be costing you
  • Popular and least effective methods advisors are using to research leads
  • Who advisors say are their sweet-spot clients
  • Who’s responsible for doing prospecting at firms like yours
  • The top methods for researching leads (and the quickest)
  • The most impactful methods of engaging prospects

Put this research to work for you today.


Financial Advisor Benchmarking
Statistics on PROSPECTING

Advisors Surveyed

Major US Regions Analyzed

Key Stats & Trends

Key Insights to Make Your Prospecting More Efficient and Effective

prospect conversations

Are your prospects talking to your competitors.

prospecting cost

How much is lead research costing you.

ideal client

Who advisors say are their sweet-spot clients.

prospect networking

Who’s responsible for doing prospecting at firms like yours.

search for prospects

The top methods for researching leads (and the quickest).

prospect engagement

The most and least impactful methods of engaging prospects.

Quotes From the Report

“The need to differentiate yourself and have a clear pitch grows with the greater competition for these higher value opportunities.”

“Automating your prospect research via Catchlight will help you determine who to call and what to pitch — giving you back as much as three or more working days per month.”

“By giving you engagement ideas and topics of interest, you no longer need to use the local weather forecast to make small talk when reaching out to prospects outside of your hometown.”

Some Key Findings

6 hrs
Avg total hours/week advisors spend researching leads themselves.

Of advisors are involved in converting leads.

Of large firms rely on LinkedIn for research, while 42% of small firms rely on information from the referrer.

Financial Advisor Benchmarking
Statistics on PROSPECTING

Who is Catchlight, and why did we create this report?

Founded in 2020 by Fidelity Labs, Catchlight’s mission is to address the challenge of helping independent RIAs scale and grow organically through the use of powerful data and proprietary AI models.

Why did we create this report?

We conducted this research because we wanted to understand how financial advisors are currently prospecting, and how we could help them be more successful, while saving more time each week. We thought the insights were so useful, we decided to share them with everybody!

How does Catchlight work?

With deep insights to highlight your best leads, Catchlight can help you make the most of your time by helping you find and focus on your best opportunities. Then, Catchlight can uncover valuable insights on how to best approach each lead in a personalized, engaging way — upping your chance of booking your next meeting and winning your next client.

Want to learn more about Catchlight?

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