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In today’s market, an advisor's time is precious. You need to make sure you take care of your current clients and at the same time, prospect for new ones. According to Kitces, a typical advisor spends upwards of 9 hours a week focused on new business.*

A percentage of that time is simply wasted calling the wrong prospects. The math is simple: if you have 100 leads, it could take you weeks to research the leads, call them, deliver pitches, etc.

What if you could sort your leads based on who is more likely to convert? The reality is that you may not even try calling 85% of them.

Let us show you how you can reduce the time wasted prospecting and increase conversions by focusing on the right leads at the right time with the right message.


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The Benefits of Catchlight

Find The Best Leads To Pursue

Intelligent lead filtering - see immediate high potential leads

Select Specific Criteria Based On Your Campaign Objectives

Get more insights on your leads and have better conversations 

Rank Your Prospects Based on Lead Score

Spend less time prospecting and more time closing



We score your leads based on our AI powered conversion model.

Trained on over 100k investor/advisor conversions, we know who is more likely to sign up for your services. You can now prioritize your leads and focus your time.

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We’ve aggregated billions of data points to help you personalize your messaging based on specific segmentation.

We work with a number of data sources to research the age, occupation, HHI and other details of your leads so you can deliver a more personalized message.

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Equipped with a prioritized list and investor data, it’s time to go out to win new business.
Whether you will be calling or emailing your prospects, with a ranked list and information on your leads, you’ll be equipped to send the right message at the right time.

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Catchlight Features

Lead Scoring

We'll score your leads based on our propensity to convert model. Leads will be ranked so you can quickly sort the hot from the cold.


Lead Enrichment

Catchlight will enrich your leads with demographic, interests, and financial data. You can now be better prepped for each of their calls. We'll research their age, likely investment goals, and personal interests for you, so you can have a more compelling conversation.

Lead Insights

Ever wonder how your leads breakdown by wealth segment, age, occupation? What about the most common attributes on your leads? Lead Insights can help you breakdown your lead list to help you easily create segments based on a desired criteria.


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What Others Are Saying About Us

Tim Gardner
Chatham Retirement Partners


As an independent advisor and solo practitioner, marketing dollars and time are precious commodities...Catchlight and its Redtail integration help me continually evaluate my list of leads and zero in on the people who fit our target profile. In a matter of seconds, I was able to pull from the data within my CRM and get started with powerful intelligence from Catchlight.


The analogy that came to mind is that it’s like having Facebook technicians working for you—except, of course, the universe of data that Catchlight is searching is broader than any one platform.

Finally, a way to turn ‘big data’ into something useful has arrived.


Bob Veres
Inside Information

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